Monday, 2 June 2014


It is a law that grants special autonomous status to Jammu & Kashmir.
This article specifies that except for Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communications and ancillary matters the Indian Parliament needs the State government's concurrence for applying all other laws.Thus the state's residents lived under a separate set of laws,including those related to citizenship,ownership of property, and fundamental rights,as compared to other Indians.
For the last few weeks this Article 370 of the Indian Constitution has been attracting the attention of the people who keep track of news through print and electronic media.And this is not the first time.It comes into limelight after the intervals of months and years.
BJP states that J&K has no benefit from it.But the National conference has been advocating its continuation on the ground that it is the bridge between this state and the Indian Union.
Last year on Dec 1,Narendra Modi challenged all parties including the congress to have a debate on the comtinuation of this article.He said that this arrangement has benefitted only 50 families in the whole state.

J&K enjoys extensive powers when compared to other states.The process of adding laws to this state is highly scrutinized.The only disadvantage that the state is having is that all the other states are pissed off with J&K. If this article is removed then all Indians can buy properties in J&K which is not so important.The main question is "Is this necessary?? all the powers this state is enjoying".
Yes it is a state of India and it is important as all other states. So there is the answer that if it important as any other state then why give this specific state special attention or rights.Shouldnt it be treated the same as any other state??.



Sunday, 1 June 2014


Bermuda triangle is a region in the western part of North Atlantic where hundreds of ships and airplanes have disappeared without any explanation.The US navy says that no such region exists or ever existed.

Its also named the Devil's Triangle by many people.There are many theories explaining the Bermuda Triangle.I've selected few of them,those are as follows:-
1.Computer studies around the world show that Bermuda Triangle is filled with methane.Due to that if any ship or air-craft is caught between the methane bubble they lose all buoyancy and sink to the bottom of the ocean. If the bubbles are big enough and possess a high enough density they can also knock aircraft out of the sky with little or no warning. Aircraft falling victim to these methane bubbles will lose their engines-perhaps igniting the methane surrounding them-and immediately lose their lift as well, ending their flights by diving into the ocean and swiftly plummeting.

2.The Gulf Stream is a deep ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and then flows through the Straits of Florida into the North Atlantic. In essence, it is a river within an ocean, and, like a river, it can and does carry floating objects. It has a surface velocity of up to about 2.5 metres per second (5.6 mi/h). A small plane making a water landing or a boat having engine trouble can be carried away from its reported position by the current.

3.Tropical cyclones are powerful storms, which form in tropical waters and have historically cost thousands of lives lost and caused billions of dollars in damage. The sinking of Francisco de Bobadilla's Spanish fleet in 1502 was the first recorded instance of a destructive hurricane. These storms have in the past caused a number of incidents related to the Triangle.

A powerful downdraft of cold air was suspected to be a cause in the sinking of the Pride of Baltimore on May 14, 1986. The crew of the sunken vessel noted the wind suddenly shifted and increased velocity from 32 km/h (20 mph) to 97–145 km/h (60–90 mph). A National Hurricane Center satellite specialist, James Lushine, stated "during very unstable weather conditions the downburst of cold air from aloft can hit the surface like a bomb, exploding outward like a giant squall line of wind and water." A similar event occurred to the Concordia in 2010 off the coast of Brazil.

The major air-crafts and ships that have lost their way in Bermuda Triangle make a long list. Here are some of them:-



Friday, 30 May 2014



This article is not to offend anyone if they knew anyone who was a victim of 911.But then again even if i do i am just speaking facts.So don't try to sue me.
Mr. Bush was the president at that time.And the oil war on Iraq happened just right after it in the name of spreading "democracy".
Do you get a hint? Well its just what made me think that this would have been the case.And just like any other guy i started googling around and found numerous facts that made me reach to this point.Here are few of those facts:-
1.The Air Defense was told to stand down.Do you believe that? The country with most advanced security system and Air defense told its Air defense to stand down when they knew the plane was hijacked.
Even Tunisia would have acted in some way to deal with situation.
This was just one big flaw in their big plan of blaming it all on al-queda.
2.The fall of twin centers was much similar to a fall during a controlled demolition and not by a plane.Also the fuel from an airplane does not burn at temperature with which it could melt the steel frame.
3.This is rather odd in a general talk from a son to his mother.In the reports it was said that a son called his mother while on the plane and in their talk the son referred himself by his first name and his last name.Nobody talks like that.While it sounds funny many other fake calls were reported for the same event.
4.Bin Laden the person on which all the blame was dumped actually denied of any involvement.If a terrorist group did it they would have taken full responsibility of this and then again would have threatened the american government to agree with their demands or motives but he denied like he had no motive.Later the government said that there were many tapes in which Laden took the full responsibility for the attack.I am not trying to make Laden the good guy but in this case he was not involved.
5.My last reason is again using your common sense.The fuel from planes could not melt the steel frames,the fake call,osama denying all acquisitions,the air defense did nothing.
And the "loved by all" president mr. BUSH sent american troops to Iraq to spread the democracy by killing their people and the sideline "oil war" all leads to one point of making it all clear that it was a pre planned strike and was an insider job.
All the links lead to you tube videos.

Missed IIT ? Good news for you

Students of second-rung engineering colleges have not had it easy so far, coping as they do with poor infrastructure and little scope to showcase their skills. But global technology competitions are now helping them overcome this handicap. The global competitions targeted at students—many hosted by technology giants such as Microsoft—have opened doors to these students from these colleges, who have exploited the platforms to the fullest.

Srinidhi Prahlad from NIE Mysore is a case in point. Prahlad, a third-year engineering student of the institute, developed Streamify, an online tool developed for users to host webinars, conferences and business calls, in two days at a hackathon. Mysore-based Reinventio, Prahlad's company, launched Streamify at the Great Indian Developer Summit at IISc Bangalore and showcased at the IBM campus in May.

Streamify requires the user to use Pynetra, a gesture recognition product the company developed and launched earlier this year. The user can make presentations by drawing or pulling slides out of thin air. "Passion is a big ingredient that I see in these students. We are venture capitalists in a way as we provide them (the students) with technology and offer mentorship," said Karthik Padmanabhan, country head of ecosystem development at IBM. Similarly, Microsoft Imagine Cup, an annual global student technology competition, saw four engineers of Faridabad-based Manav Rachna College of Engineering clinch the first place at the national finals held in Noida in April. Their product RespirON makes life easier for asthma patients by indicating the number of doses left in an inhaler with the help of an embedded app. The four students, who call themselves Team Dexters, will now participate in the international finals to be held in Seattle this July.

The students hope to commercialise their product in the Indian market by May 2015. "The first three places were won by students of Manav Rachna College of Engineering," said Saurabh Kanwar, a student who also participated in the Microsoft Imagine Cup. His team, which also had four members, grabbed the third spot with a software and hardware integrated device embedded in a helmet that alerts relatives in the event of an accident. Another event where students from the second-tier colleges are making their mark is the national finals of the "International Robocon", which is hosted every year by the Maharashtra Institute of Technology in Pune.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


We all love football. We say its about everything.Its a religion not just a sport.We worship Ronaldo, Messi.
We worship the clubs,the players,everything related to football.Its not bad at all but when you read this article further i don't think that you"ll be able to love football or shall i say the "CORPORATE FOOTBALL" the same way.
FIFA WORLD CUP  is being held in BRAZIL this year.We think and want to be there to see everything we love before our eyes.We think about how magical that experience will be.NOW stop with your thoughts and know this:

The Brazilian military and local police is cleaning up the slums by beating people to death for the FIFA WORLD CUP. Yes,they are actually beating and harassing  people living in the slums to(as they said) clean up the streets.
6000!! people have disappeared and their families are convinced that it was the police and the military.It's sad how the brutal police and military has declared war on the poor Brazil.

Its not just for FOOTBALL but for every ANTI-CAPITALIST movement by the people.This dictatorship is growing like terrorism and hundreds and thousands of Brazilians are dying every day. 
People are being tortured and killed and they have no one to go for help.

This was posted by the police on their Facebook page where they bragged about their “successful” work. They say: “We don’t go into favelas to die. We go in there to kill.”
As you can see the police is not at all feeling guilty of what they are doing.They are proud of what they are doing.They feel patriotic in killing the poor people of their own country.At this age where everyone has freedom of speech even the revolts by small children is answered by torturing and murdering.

What would you do if this happened in your country????
Oh!!! right its not happening in your country so you don't need to know about it.It just doesnt matter to you.
So just turn on your T.V. and watch football.
I am not criticizing any football fans because i can't as I am a football fan too.But i just loathe it when i see football becoming a corporate sport.When i see billions of dollars spent on a sport when that money can help educating millions of children.


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Indian Education Minister Not Even A Graduate?

Smriti Irani (left) and Narendra Modi (right)

The appointment of Smriti Irani as the newly appointed Human Resource Development of India has come under shadows after various questions being raised on her ability to handle the department well enough. Irani, who started her career as a cleaning lady in McDonalds restaurant and was a finalist of Miss India in 1998. She is a 10+2 pass, and currently holds the Ministry Of HRD under Narendra Modi's cabinet. But, recently questions are being raised whether she's the right person or not. 

Bolting Minds analyzes this question closely.

''What a Cabinet of Modi? HRD Minister (Looking after Education) Smriti Irani is not even a graduate! Look at her affidavit at ECI site pg 11 (sic)!" Mr Maken tweeted, immediately inviting sharp reactions. 

If the education qualification of a minister has to be taken in perception, can we see the quality of services our ex-cabinet ministers?

  • AK Antony – BA, LLB from Kerala University, completely failed as the defence minister of India
  • P Chidambram – Noted economist, did MBA from Harvard Business School. Led India to its slowest growth era in recent times
  • SM Krishna – Law degree from Washington University, performance as the External Affairs Minister – Horrendous
  • Kapil Sibal – MA, LLB from St. Stephen's college, University of Delhi. Imposed 66(A) and crippled the entire educational system of India
  • Salman Khurshid – The Oxford Grad, failed completely in diplomacy as the External affairs minister
  • And of course Manmohan Singh – The noted scholar and economist failed completely as the Prime Minister of the nation
  • And Kejriwal, the much advertised IITan, his score card has all zeroes.

Educational qualifications should not be the criteria for judging the ability of a minister, the results should speak. Smriti Irani has a great intellect, the way she has handled the press conferences and has participated in debates, as of now, she looks pretty much responsible person and she shouldn't judged on her educational qualifications.Performance should be the judgement criteria, her ex-professions or educational qualifications shouldn't interfere.

NASA suggests humans could be on Mars by 2035

Asteroid sampling

At the European Lunar Symposium held at the Museum earlier this month, NASA officials revealed that the Moon could be used as a practice ground for sending humans to Mars within 20 years.
NASA’s chief scientist Dr Ellen Stofan and deputy chief technologist Jim Adams told the assembled scientists that putting humans on Mars is NASA’s ‘primary mission’.
While there have been many robotic missions to Mars in search of water and signs of life, including Curiosity’s current assignment, Dr Stofan believes it's now essential to send human scientists.
To unambiguously settle the questions of whether there was life on Mars it will take scientists down on the surface,’ Dr Stofan said.
However, she admitted there is still a long way to go to ready the technologies for such a mission.
With the exception of those who went to the Moon, the majority of people sent into space so far have been in ‘low Earth orbit’, relying on systems on Earth to keep them alive. A journey to Mars would take months.
Fly by
To the disappointment of many of the scientists in the audience, who want to see more lunar exploration, Dr Stofan and Adams said that NASA does not intend to use the Moon’s surface as part of its journey to Mars. They did acknowledge, however, the general importance of research on the surface, both for science and exploration, and said they will work with partners in other space agencies.
Research on the Moon could help work out how to gather resources from the surface of an alien world, such as how to extract water.
Beyond Mars
Adams finished the talk with tantalising inspiration. ‘Where NASA is headed is to the Martian surface in the 2030s,’ he said.
It is my dream that once we’ve put boots on Mars and we’ve established that pioneering presence on the surface, we would have already been thinking about where to go next. I hope that you guys will be along for the ride.’
Humans on Mars